About Us

About CARwash at CARite Express Car Wash

CARwash at CARite is a community car wash that has redefined the Express Car Wash industry in the upstate with a patented wash system like no other! We are dedicated to providing quality services and excellent customer service at affordable prices. We are hard to miss with our modern architecture 130’ long wash tunnel. When you exit this state-of-the-art wash, you will be very impressed and your automobile will be clean, dry, and shiny…we guarantee it!

We chose Taylor for our first location because of the community, location, and market area. We are excited to be a part of this great community and will work closely with schools, churches, and businesses to offer opportunities to grow together and be successful. We will keep everyone updated as we grow and expand throughout the upstate.

Why Are We Different?

The environment is very important to us. Our state-of-the-art equipment features a water reclaim system which recycles and reuses approximately 70% of the water during each wash cycle. On the exit end of the wash, the fourteen, 15hp blowers use air gates, which save energy by identifying where the car is positioned in the wash. This minimizes the energy needed at various points during the wash process. The wash tunnel is an energy efficient building – which also uses LED lighting both inside and out. In addition, the individual vacuums are designed with efficient motors that minimize their energy consumption compared to comparable vacuum systems.

CARwash at CARite uses a conveyor belt system that moves the vehicle through the wash tunnel instead of a traditional roller or chain system used by many other express car washes. Both roller and chain systems require precise accuracy when trying to line your car up to go through the wash tunnel (which can be frustrating and nerve racking!) and can cause damage to rims (ouch!). Our conveyor system allows for a smooth, comfortable loading process into the wash tunnel and does not risk damaging rims.